Jamaica Travel & Shopping Guide

Combining so many of the images that go to make an ideal holiday: lushly covered mountains, waterfalls cascading to beautiful beaches, exotic flowers are just a hint of what Jamaica has to offer. One of the world’s most romantic holiday destinations, Jamaica travel promises a wide variety of experiences to its visitors for a most memorable Caribbean vacation. Below we feature some best loved products from Jamaica, including Jamaican jewelry,jerk seasoning, Jamaican ackee, Blue Mountain coffee, music by Bob Marley, Tessanne Chin and more.

The major resort areas of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril abound with activity. Jamaica offers something for every kind of vacationer. Whether you are looking to get married in Jamaica, an adventure seeker, golfing enthusiast, reggae lover or you simply need rest and relaxation, you will find Jamaica reviews of adl embedded solutions a great choice for your Caribbean holiday.

The island boasts spectacular expanses of white beach, palm-fringed coves and steep mountains covered in lush greenery, but often there are common and rare side effects. Surely one of the best developed islands touristically, Jamaica offers every type of activity and nightlife you could want…from tennis and scuba to piano bars and limbo shows. For extra vacation money visit  for assistance.

Quick Facts

Temperatures high/low-Summer 80/70-80 degrees F. Winter 80/70 degrees F. Annual average temperature is 82 degrees F. In the hills it’s cooler with an average temperature around 70 degrees F. In Kingston, humidity ranges from 63% in February to 75% in October. In Montego Bay, humidity ranges from 71 to 77%. Average rainfall is 77″ annually. Approx sunrise/sunset 0600/1900. For every 1000 feet in altitude the temperature drops 3.5 degrees F, so that the Blue Mountain Peak has an average annual temperature of 56 degrees F (15 degrees C).
Jamaican dollar. US dollar widely accepted
Time Zone
EST +1. GMT -4.
Departure tax: US$20.00. Service charge 10% and government tax 8.5%.
Entry Requirements
Citizens of the US and Canada do not require a visa to go to Jamaica as tourists, and are permitted to visit the island for a period not exceeding six months. Citizens 16 years and older of these countries may use the following documents for entry: valid passport (or passport which has expired for a period not exceeding one year), or an original Birth Certificate (with raised seal) along with an official photo ID (e.g. driver’s license or voter registration card; documents must bear the same name). Residents may use an alien registration card, however, some residents may require a visa. Press personnel on assignment will require a work permit. Additionally, all visitors are required to travel with a round-trip or onward airline ticket for entry into Jamaica. UK: Commonwealth citizens need passport (no visa required). All other countries, please contact the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) office or Jamaican Consulate near you for requirements. Japan: passport required. (Visa required for stay of over 30 days). Commonwealth citizens need a passport, no visa is required (except for citizens of Pakistan and Sri Lanka). Indian citizens will not require a visa for a maximum stay of ten (10) days in the island, but will require visa in excess of ten days. [ /accordion ]

Ambulance: 110 Fire: 110 police: 119

Handshaking is the customary form of greeting. As tourism is a major industry in Jamaica, the visitor is well catered for, and hotel and restaurant staff are generally friendly and efficient. Outside Kingston, the pace of life is relaxed and people are welcoming and hospitable. Normal codes of practice should be observed when visiting someone’s home. It may be common to see signs on the island referring to ‘Jah lives’, Jah being the name given to God by the Rastafarians. Casual wear is suitable during the day, but shorts and swimsuits must be confined to beaches and poolsides. Evening dress varies from very casual in Negril to quite formal during the season in other resorts, where some hotels and restaurants require men to wear jackets and ties at dinner. Possession of marijuana may lead to imprisonment and deportation
Traffic in Jamaica drives on the left. There is a 17,000km- (11,000mile-) road network, one-third tarred. Speed limits are 30mph (48kph) in towns and 50mph (80kph) on highways.

Air Canada. American Airlines. British Airways. Carib Aviation. Continental Airlines. LIAT. Virgin Atlantic. US Airways. Connecting flights can be made in surrounding islands.
Flight Duration
To Baltimore – 3 hrs. Boston – 3 hrs 40 mins. Chicag – 3 hrs 45 mins. Dallas – 3 hrs 20 mins. Los Angeles – 5 hrs 30 mins Miami-1 hr 25 mins. Montego Bay from Atlanta – 2 hrs 40 mins. New Orleans – 3 hrs. New York – 3 hrs 20 mins. Toronto – 4 hrs.
Airport Details
(KIN)-Norman Manley International Airport, 13 mls from Kingston. (MBJ)- Sangster International Airport, 2 mls from downtown Montego Bay. Sangster to: Ocho Rios 1.5 hrs. Negril 1.5 hrs. Manley to Port Antonio is 2 hrs. South Coast 2.0 hrs.
One should note that, in taking a taxi, the fare is usually negotiated with the driver before entering the cab. Only taxis with a red license plate should be taken (i.e. Public Passenger Vehicles).
Visitors can be married just 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica providing prior application has been made for marriage license. 1) Proof of citizenship-certified Birth Certificate, which includes father’s name. 2) Parents’ written consent if under 21. 3) Proof of divorce (if applicable) Ð original Certificate of Divorce. 4) Certified Death Certificate for widow or widower. Blood test: none. Persons need to have a heterosexual relationship for marriage as a prerequisite.
Tipping is generally on a discretionary basis.
110 Volts/50 AC is standard. 220 volts is available in some hotels. Some hotels supply adaptors.