Today, Dominica remains largely untamed and immensely appealing for travelers seeking a different Caribbean adventure. All across this abundant island, rivers rush through dense rainforests, mountains reflect in quiet lakes, and the songs of rare birds mingle with the roar of waterfalls.

Great hiking and exploring experiences exist on Dominica. Morne Trois Pitons National Park offers one of the best looks into island ecology.

Highlights include the Emerald Falls Nature Trail, which leads to a lovely cascading pool surrounded by orchids and lush vegetation.

Another treat for nature lovers is the Central Forest Reserve where the giant gommer tree is found. These trees, often more than 100 feet high, are used by the Carib Indians to make canoes. Visit They are also favoured nesting places of the rare imperial parrot.

Dominica is also known for excellent scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and whale watching.

For a destination that’s untouched by time, discover the “The Nature Island of the Caribbean” – Dominica!

There are plenty of full configurations activities to engage in once you have arrived on the island. There are a few casinos to pass the time before a romantic walk on the beach. Tons of shopping and dining opportunities throughout Antigua await the eager tourist.


Quick Facts

Daytime temperatures vary between 75 & 90 degrees F. Coolest months are December to March.
Casual, light cottons are ideal during the day; in evenings, elegantly casual attire is appropriate. Swimsuits may not be worn in the streets or stores. A light sweater is recommended for the cooler evenings. Raincoats and walking shoes are recommended for hikes through the rainforests.
Local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (US$2.67=EC$1.00). US dollars are accepted at most businesses, where the rate of exchange is EC$2.60
English is the official language. Creole or French based patois is spoken by many.
Time Zone
EST +1. GMT -4.
Departure tax: US$20.00. Service charge 10% and government tax 8.5%.
Entry Requirements
Caricom Nationals and Nationals from the French West Indies require a valid passport or valid official photo identification as well as return or onward ticket. All other Nationalities require a valid passport as well as return or onward ticket. [ /accordion ] General emergency: 999
Driving is on the left hand side of the road. Rentals available include-Cars. Mopeds. Jeeps. Temporary license/permit requirements-a local license can be obtained from the airports or at the Traffic department, on presentation of a valid license and EC $30.00 (US $12.00) for one (1) month or EC$60.00 (US $23.00) for three months. Applicants must be 25-65 years with 2 years driving experience. Local services-Bus. Taxis.
Air Canada. American Airlines. British Airways. Carib Aviation. Continental Airlines. LIAT. Virgin Atlantic. US Airways. Connecting flights can be made in surrounding islands.
Flight Duration
Baltimore: 4 hrs.

Frankfurt: 9 1/4 hrs.

London: 8hrs.

Miami: 3 hrs.

New York: 4 hrs.

Newark: 4 hrs.

Paris: 8 hrs.

Puerto Rico: 1 hr.

Toronto: 4 hrs.

Airport Details
(ANU) V.C. Bird International Airport to English Harbour – approx. 14 mls. St Johns downtown – approx. 5 mls. St Johns shoppingarea – approx. 5 mls
Standard rates from airports to city. Identification – letters H, HA, HB proceed registration numbers. Melville Hall Airport to Roseau, Canefield, Newtown, Portsmouth, Picard – US$26. Melville Hall Airport to Concorde, the Carib Territory, Atkinson – US$15. To Salisbury, Batalie,Coulibistrie,Colihaut – US$40.
Best Beaches
Beautiful Waterfalls – Trafalgar, Middleham. Emerald Pool, Sari-Sari, Victoria. Beaches – Woodford Hill, Hampstead, Pointe Baptiste
At least one member of the party must be in Dominica for a minimum of 24 hours before applying for a license. Birth certificate, passport size photos, proof of citizenship are required. Also, proof of divorce or death certificates if applicable. Fees are currently under review.
Tipping is generally on a discretionary basis; many hotels and restaurants will add a 10% service charge.
Electricity is 110-130 volts/50 cycles, similar but not identical to the US standard. Most 60 cycles electrical appliances from the US will function properly, but some such as hair dryers and irons may overheat if used for too long.