Cricket is Life/Life is Cricket: The WINDIES and the Confidence of a Generation

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‘Cricket is Life’ presents an analytic reminiscence of West Indies cricket, primarily focusing on the period 1976-1995 when the WINDIES ‘ruled the roost’ in international cricket. The demonstrated capacity of the WINDIES, during the earlier 1950-1960 years, to ‘beat the hegemons at their own game’ had provided the confidence booster for the Caribbean Independence movement. The author argues that the potential catalytic effect on Caribbean economic independence from the dominance of the team during its ‘second reign’, has been sacrificed on the altar of a flawed, insular concept of sovereignty. From his position as a vicarious contributor to the WINDIES’ winning streak, Jennings’ review combines a narrative style with non-cricketing statistical techniques in order to provide models for identifying attributes among potential WINDIES players, who might be expected to extricating the WINDIES from nearly two decades in the doldrums. The prospects of clear benefits to the collective Caribbean psyche makes this an imperative.


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